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Date: Mon, 17 Apr 2006 06:23:42 +0000
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Welcome to the Meanwhile Project Wiki. This is serving as the basis of
what will eventually become the primary project documentation. Since I
am far too flighty to write a manual linearly, I've decided to do it
in a much more free-form manner. I'll fill in topics as I think of

This wiki is not currently open to the world-at-large. If you are
interested in the project and would like to help fill in
documentation, please [contact me |].

!!!Documentation bits
* [Meanwhile] documentation
* [Gaim Meanwhile] plugin information

* [IM Service Extension] _flexible feature negotiation extensions to
the IM service_
* [Buddy List Address Book] _the evolution of the Buddy List into an
Address Book_
* [Jabber Sametime Adapter] _Sametime front-end to a Jabber back-end_
* [Meanwhile with AJAX] _AJAX front-end to a Python Meanwhile
* [Meanwhile 2.0] _changes for a second release/rewrite_
* [SIP Gateway] _how it seems to work, now that it's in the news_
* [LWIS] _(Library Wrapper in Scheme), a simple idea because I want
more than PyGTK and SWIG_

This is a slightly modified deployment of [PHPWiki |] version 1.3.11 with a custom theme. It's backed
by a [MySQL |] database. The phpwiki
modifications are simply to help make the displayed pages XHTML 1.0
Strict compliant, and are available upon request.
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