Gaim Meanwhile

The gaim-meanwhile plugin for versions of Gaim pre 2.0.0 is maintained as part of the Meanwhile project. Gaim 2.0.0 and later includes its own version of the plugin. Both require the presence of the Meanwhile library.


  • IM (text, typing notification)
  • NotesBuddy extended IM (HTML, image support)
  • Conferencing (and limited Places support)
  • Storage of settings to server (buddy list, standard aware/away/dnd status messages)
  • Online awareness of users and Notes Address Book groups
  • User resolution. Add a user by name and you will be prompted with all matching users for the buddy you intended to add.
  • Group resolution. Add a group by name and be prompted with matches (as above)
  • Awareness attributes (File Transfer, Microphone, Speakers, Video Camera)
  • File Transfer
  • Privacy (block-list/allow-list)
  • Psychic Mode
  • "Invite to Conference" context menu to make conferencing easier
  • Redirected logins with an option to always Force Login


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