Buddy List Address Book

This is a very rough draft, please consider accordingly.


The buddy list has become a sort of address book for co-workers. Clients associating user-directory information and email with buddy list entries, such as NotesBuddy, are particularly driving this behavior.


Entries in the buddy list are presence subscriptions, and are a load on the server. How many of the entries in the buddy list does the user actually need presence updates for?


The following are possible solutions to the problem outlined above.


Mark buddies in the buddy list as requiring status updates or not. Default newly added buddies to no status updates. Provide a quick method for fetching a one-time status update.


Maintain a list of buddies requiring status updates. Default newly added buddies to receive status updates. Expire buddies from the status list into the no-status list if they are not used (via IM, conference, etc). Maintain the status list between sessions. List membership could be limited to a fixed number of users, or to a last-activity range (such as only those within a day of the most recently active)

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