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The Meanwhile Project

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Last Modified: 2006-01-21

Client Plugins

The Meanwhile code itself provides no front-end. Instead, client code is required to interface with a user and to provide network IO capabilities. Rather than writing yet another client, we instead turn to existing clients and provide plugins to enable the client to connect to a Sametime community.

If you are interested in using Meanwhile to add Lotus Sametime support to your client, or have already done so and it is not listed below, please let us know.

Adium  Adium is a messaging client for OSX utilizing the backend code of Gaim. Adium packages a Meanwhile-based protocol plugin with their recent releases, so Sametime support should be built-in.

Gaim  Gaim is GTK2-based instant messaging application. It supports multiple protocols via modules. Sametime support can be added to gaim through use of such a module built around the Meanwhile library. The package gaim-meanwhile provides this module, and is available in the download section.

Kopete  Kopete is the KDE messaging client. It is designed as a flexible and extensible multi-protocol system using plugins, and will be featuring optional support for Lotus Sametime via a Meanwhile-based plugin with upcoming releases.

Proteus  Proteus is a closed-source multi-protocol client for OSX based on the backend code of Gaim that gets around the GPL by using an intermediary RPC mechanism to avoid linking to Gaim (or the Gaim Meanwhile plugin code) directly. A fully GPL alternative to Proteus is Adium.

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