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The Meanwhile Project

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Last Modified: 2006-01-21



The current Meanwhile release is meanwhile 1.0.2, and the current Gaim plugin release is gaim-meanwhile 1.2.8.

Release numbering for the Gaim plugin indicates the exact major and minimum minor version of Gaim required for the plugin to function. The micro number only differentiates plugin releases and doesn't relate to Gaim in any way.


The following repositories distribute the meanwhile and/or gaim-meanwhile packages


The CVS versions of meanwhile, gaim-meanwhile, and meanwhile-python are written to work with each other, rather than to work with any of the existing releases. Because it's a rather dynamic environment, one or two of the modules may be un-buildable from time to time.

Follow the instructions on the CVS page to checkout a local sandbox. Please keep in mind that the anonymous CVS access is lagged behind developer CVS access by four to eight hours.

To build from CVS, just check out the appropriate module and use to generate the configure script. gaim-meanwhile has a handy private-install target to install the plugin to $HOME/.gaim/plugins/

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