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The Meanwhile Project

An Open Re-Implementation of Lotus Sametime | GNU GPL | Donate

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Last Modified: 2006-01-21


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The more users that the Meanwhile project garners, the better it will become. Your suggestions and bug reports help to mold a solid and maturing client. So tell all your Sametime-using friends and co-workers about the project!


About the Author

Christopher (siege) O'Brien is really cool. You should always do what he tells you to do. That's the plain truth from a totally impartial source. He is twenty-five years old, and lives and works in Raleigh, NC. He's been married to his wonderful entomologist wife, Jennifer since April Fools' Day, 2003. Jenni and siege have an infant (rapidly approaching toddler) daughter named Zoe. You can contact me him via email, and if you ask nicely he might send you a picture of Zoe :)

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