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The Meanwhile Project

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Last Modified: 2006-01-23

Meanwhile Project

The Meanwhile Project is an open implementation of the Lotus Sametime Community Client protocol.

The Meanwhile Project is neither endorsed by, nor affiliated with Lotus or IBM. It is an independent project aiming to fill a space Lotus has left vacant.

It is not within the scope of this project to provide LDAP or SIP functionality, though these technologies are often associated with the usage of Sametime.

The Meanwhile Library

The heart of the Meanwhile Project is the Meanwhile library, providing the basic Lotus Sametime session functionality along with the core services; Presence Awareness, Instant Messaging, Multi-user Conferencing, Preferences Storage, Identity Resolution, and File Transfer. This extensible client interface allows additional services to be added to a session at runtime, allowing for simple integration of future service handlers such as the user directory and whiteboard and screen-sharing.

The documentation aspect of both the library APIs and the protocol specifications-- as they are discovered-- contributes to a significant portion of the project's end goals. While this part of the project is coming together much more slowly than the library itself, the Meanwhile manual is of a priority second only to a functioning library.

Client Plugins

Rather than design a custom application around the Meanwhile library, we turn to existing instant-messaging projects. Projects which provide for plugin-like additions of messaging protocols can be made to support Sametime sessions with a relatively minimal amount of development through use of the Meanwhile APIs.

Meanwhile for Python

available in CVS... Python module for the Meanwhile library. Primarily used for feature testing during development, the Meanwhile python module can also be used to prototype new client-side service handlers, add functionality to existing service handlers, or quickly connect an existing application to a Sametime community.

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